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Max Lamusga’s Story

From Mechatronics Grad to Electrical Engineer

After just two and a half years getting hired out of college, Max Lamusga earned two promotions at Douglas. Max graduated from the local Alexandria College’s Mechatronics program in the spring of 2020. A few months later, he was hired at Douglas.

“I started out as an Assembler 3 Pneumatics in the Corrugate build center … I got good enough to where I would take care – pneumatically – both the Corrugage and Flex build centers. Six months later, I was promoted to Electrical Technician.”

Moving up entailed more opportunities and responsibilities. Max led a small crew, delegating and assigning roles, while also assembling machines and wiring main electrical cabinets.

After a year and a half as an Electrical Technician, Max advanced to Electrical Design Engineer. The new role includes the electrical design of machines, leading project meetings and working with customers.

“The exciting part is dealing with people. I’ve had some leadership type positions and working with fellow employees, learning their strengths and playing to those strengths, has allowed the journey to progress.”

The journey did not progress on its own. Max says his coworkers greatly impacted his career development. Through training, providing guidance, and leading by example, coworkers led Max forward while exhibiting Douglas’ Ownership Spirit and Servant’s Heart values. HR personnel and supervisors paved the way for Max to pursue and advance his career at Douglas.

“In my current position, the opportunity to serve others is what I like most. I find it fulfilling to assist people in being successful at their job.”

Max continues to serve as a valuable employee owner of Douglas. Outside of work, Max enjoys spending time with family, friends, doing outdoor activities, and is an accomplished acoustic guitar player.